say it with pizza

November 14th, 2015 § 0 comments

This day in sailing history, we assembled a fleet of pizzas, convened our motley crew of New England friends and family, and threw ourselves a going away party in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

At this time we were just starting to develop what would become our most valuable form of social currency: homemade pizza. A sailor’s budget is restrictive, especially if you are on land. The normal ways that people communicate friendship – exchanging gifts, picking up a tab, etc. – are a bit out of our grasp (at least on a regular basis). Compound that with the fact that as travelers, we are destined to be the new kids on the block again and again, and it seemed at first we would be spending a lot of time by ourselves.

At least until we fully understood the power of Pizzas As Far as the Eye Can See.

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