goodbye, Helen

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My Grandmother Helen passed away this afternoon.  Can you imagine witnessing almost a full century? Her life spanned the home radio to the Apple watch. I don’t have my full files on the boat, but I have been going through what I have and finding a few shots from her life, included here below.  She was our matriarch, our oldest living family member, for quite some time. Now my parents are the official leaders of our tribe, and they have concluded a long and heroic chapter of eldercare.  My siblings and I are lucky to have parents that set such a great example of how generations care for one another.

F and I are in Hampton, VA, and so this morning I visited the Emancipation Oak, gave it a hug, and said a prayer for Helen, my parents and All of Us. May we be free in the ways each of us are seeking.


Helen in work clothes at Norma Drive.


Dad and Helen at Pamela’s in Shadyside.


Dad, Helen, Audrey and Mom at Audrey’s.


Helen at the Devonshire.


Fabio is presented to Helen.


Helen’s dressing table at Norma Drive.

wheels turning

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Now that we have migrated up and down a few times, we have had the benefit of exploring many costal towns during high and low seasons. This summer, F and I charged into Ocean City, MD on a high of saltwater taffy and crab cakes. This time through, in November, reveals the seasonal economic malaise that strikes many tourism-reliant towns.

In July, I poked around outside of the amusement area in a sport fisherman’s paradise, among low-key beach homes and newer upscale residential on the waterfront:

oc_sum_16_03 oc_sum_16_04 oc_sum_16_02 oc_sum_16_01 oc_sum_16_00

November highlights where resilience is lacking:

oc_fall_16_03 oc_fall_16_02 oc_fall_16_01 oc_fall_16_00

How many places do you know that look like this for eight months out of the year? How do full-time residents cope financially, culturally, and socially?

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