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cheesinHere’s a shout out to all the smiley North Atlantic Right Whales slurping back copepods today on #georgiacoast, currently refraining from vocalizing their kooky whale songs so those great white sharks don’t chomp up their baby calves.

21 things I learned living in coastal Georgia

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1. Duct tape comes in cammo print. So do child car seats and evening purses.

2. Hand written notes, delivered by hand, are golden

3. Some meals are dumped out on the table, ie. lowcountry boil and oyster roast

4. Dolphins have military applications

5. Turtles and causeways do not mix

6. Group name for pelicans: squadron

7. If you think its too hot out, you are moving too much

8. The gnats never really go away, really

9. The Smell of Money will get into your clothes, hair, house and car

10. You can just ask for “half sweet” tea

11. “Bless her/his/your heart” is shade

12. You can either have less mosquitos or more lightning bugs, but you can’t have both

13. Everybody knows somebody who has been to Italy, mostly during Navy service

14. Even Captain Stan lived in Milan for awhile

15. Cake raffles and other dessert sports

16. Tidewater is an accent, Geechee is one of the few full American dialects

17. Sidewalks sometimes just end, ok?

18. Sand dunes, meadow and maritime forest (not beach house) is that stuff behind the beach

19. Spanish moss on the tree is full of bugs, spanish moss on the ground is probably ok

20. Any restaurant drink can be served to-go, even your tap water, and you will be peer pressured to do so, but its for your own good?

21. #blufflife

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