no yolo

January 24th, 2016 § 0 comments § permalink

This week, via The Week: “The World Economic Forum predicts plastic production will increase threefold to 1,124 million tons over the next 34 years…if plastic consumption and production continues at current rates, the world’s oceans will contain more plastic than fish in terms of weight by 2050.”
see_saw We have been grappling recently with provisioning and how we can develop a pantry without disposable plastic. At sea, if you have a plastic waste hoard that needs tossing, you are faced with using your own two hands to pitch it right into the sea. Even though much of our land-based waste gets to the sea one way or another, there is something about this liveaboard scenario that evokes real personal responsibility.

For you, dear reader, a few questions: How is it not possible to buy food without buying plastic as well? How is it so that this mandatory plastic cannot be *really* recycled in my town? Not every town is so, but in many US towns this is still true. And, *drumroll* who/what absorbs these externalized impacts?

Take that one to church, y’all!

say it with pizza

November 14th, 2015 § 0 comments § permalink

This day in sailing history, we assembled a fleet of pizzas, convened our motley crew of New England friends and family, and threw ourselves a going away party in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

At this time we were just starting to develop what would become our most valuable form of social currency: homemade pizza. A sailor’s budget is restrictive, especially if you are on land. The normal ways that people communicate friendship – exchanging gifts, picking up a tab, etc. – are a bit out of our grasp (at least on a regular basis). Compound that with the fact that as travelers, we are destined to be the new kids on the block again and again, and it seemed at first we would be spending a lot of time by ourselves.

At least until we fully understood the power of Pizzas As Far as the Eye Can See.

ground forces

November 4th, 2014 § 1 comment § permalink

Here the soil is sand. You scratch down a bit in most places and it’s a bright white sand. I have seen only a few worms so far, where the leaves mound up around a debris clot and spark an organic anomaly. For the first time in a long time, I now have access to some soil, sandy or not, for a stretch of time. It’s a wild, fenced lot, with a spooky shed and many shade trees dropping a bounty of dead wood, leaves, epiphytes and spanish moss.



We went out and mowed a path for walking, plus we spun a bunch of downed branches into a nest. So far the ratio of food waste from our kitchen and the heaps of moss and leaves that fall down/blow into the yard balance out nicely and the nest is populating with beneficial organisms.



I have it somewhat booby trapped against charismatic macro fauna like r/cats and raccoons. I placed a ring of pokey vines and a cap of clattering palmetto branches to momentarily deter any such curious types, but the real defense is in the core recipe. I am optimistic that with proper feeding protocol, I should be able to (re)summon my wormy hoard in no time.



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