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I’m just going to leave this right here:


The Exorcist (Google Image Search on Photoshop)

Over the holidays, my parents brought down my Grandpap’s massive SW radio that we have had in storage since his death in 2002. It has been really great to tinker with and also to be “visited” by my most tinkery ancestor. Even if it is a spooky thought, I often hope my Grandpap is looking on as we stumble through (especially the technical aspects) of the boat rebuild. He was an organized dude.

I tell you that to tell you this. I have set the SW to turn on at 6:30am, with soft public radio sounds to ease us into the day. This morning, we awoke to an interview about the recent federal ban on microbeads in bath products, and the larger problems related to plastic plankton. It is rare, but sometimes media places information in my way that I am actually interested in.

The Trump Show has been the dominant feature for me online and in the news…he sticks in my brain-baleen, he gums up the works, fouls the nets. Like so many jelly blobs before him, humanity is faced with the challenge of responding to a nuisance bloom.


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cheesinHere’s a shout out to all the smiley North Atlantic Right Whales slurping back copepods today on #georgiacoast, currently refraining from vocalizing their kooky whale songs so those great white sharks don’t chomp up their baby calves.

ground forces

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Here the soil is sand. You scratch down a bit in most places and it’s a bright white sand. I have seen only a few worms so far, where the leaves mound up around a debris clot and spark an organic anomaly. For the first time in a long time, I now have access to some soil, sandy or not, for a stretch of time. It’s a wild, fenced lot, with a spooky shed and many shade trees dropping a bounty of dead wood, leaves, epiphytes and spanish moss.



We went out and mowed a path for walking, plus we spun a bunch of downed branches into a nest. So far the ratio of food waste from our kitchen and the heaps of moss and leaves that fall down/blow into the yard balance out nicely and the nest is populating with beneficial organisms.



I have it somewhat booby trapped against charismatic macro fauna like r/cats and raccoons. I placed a ring of pokey vines and a cap of clattering palmetto branches to momentarily deter any such curious types, but the real defense is in the core recipe. I am optimistic that with proper feeding protocol, I should be able to (re)summon my wormy hoard in no time.



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